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Angiogram 24: 31-year-old female presenting with pressure-like chest pain, hs troponin 953, and ECG showing anteroseptal STEMI. She is 6 weeks postpartum after having her 2nd child. Patient had preeclampsia with her first pregnancy. Avid runner with a BMI of 19 and no CV risk factors.

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NOTE: Please Select: Insignificant vs moderate vs severe for the most severe stenosis in each diseased vessel shown

Left Main

Left anterior descending

Left circumflex


Bypass graft

Fixed coronary stenosis:

Severe stenosis (>75% diameter reduction)

Moderate stenosis (50 to 75% diameter reduction)

Insignificant stenosis (<50% luminal diameter reduction)

Complete occlusion

Collateral filling

Coronary spasm

Myocardial bridging

Anomalous coronary origin

Fistula of coronary

Coronary artery thrombus present

Bypass graft to (indicate coronary connection)

Coronary dissection

Severe ecstasia / Aneurysm

Occluded coronary stent

Patent coronary stent

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