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  1. Yasser Sammour

    Yasser Sammour

    Excellent online resource for trainees with over 300 practice ECGs. Works perfectly in tandem with the complete guide to ECGs book by Dr. O’keefe. Highly recommended for fellows and residents interested in Cardiovascular Medicine.

    O'Keefe ECGO’Keefe ECG

  2. Preetham Gunta

    Preetham Gunta

    Okeefe ECG is a great online learning tool for ECGs. I have come across other ECG resources but this one is unique and better because of its interactive nature. The scoring system not only solidified fundamental ECG concepts but also familiarized me with the format of cardiology boards. After using this resource, I feel much more comfortable in commenting on ECGs in my everyday practice. Apart from cardiology fellows, I would recommend this resource to residents who have a special interest in cardiology.

    O'Keefe ECGO’Keefe ECG

  3. Ali Naveed

    Ali Naveed

    O’Keefe ECG is a wonderful resource for studying and understanding EKG. It is a complete package and I have applied the knowledge I learned from this resource during my night rotations as an intern. Highly recommended for residents.

    O'Keefe ECGO’Keefe ECG

  4. Mitchell Fagan

    Mitchell Fagan

    Okeefe ECG is an excellent source that has helped me perfect my ECG reading skills. I’ve been told many times that the best way to learn ECGs is repeated exposure. This site offers exactly that with detailed explanations. As a medical student, the nuanced discussion of the various ECG abnormalities and rhythms has made me more comfortable reading ECGs on rounds. This is a great resource for anyone who wants interactive feedback integrated into their learning! 

    O'Keefe ECGO’Keefe ECG

  5. Evan Leonard

    Evan Leonard

    It’s really the only option for studying EKGs. There’s multiple EKGs for every dx, and the reads are way more thorough and reliable as compared to ecgsource.
    The links in the explanations were a nice touch.

    O'Keefe ECGO’Keefe ECG