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  1. Laura Drew-Bear

    Laura Drew-Bear

    O’Keefe ECG has been a great resource for me throughout my training. It does a wonderful job of testing residents’ and fellows’ knowledge of interpreting ECGs using real-life patient examples for a more realistic immersion, complemented by clear and concise explanations. This website is an invaluable resource for all residents. Thank you, Dr. O’Keefe!

    O'Keefe ECGO’Keefe ECG

  2. Stefanie Vamenta

    Stefanie Vamenta

    Great resource for the cardiology boards with extensive explanations, a variety of examples, and a user-friendly interface. Thank you, Dr. O’keefe!

    O'Keefe ECGO’Keefe ECG

  3. Abat Khan

    Abat Khan

    excellent source of learning EKGs. being interactive makes it easy and more interesting. Also having brief explanation of the EKG findings in the clinical context and diagnosis. would highly recommend as an excellent source of learning EKG

    O'Keefe ECGO’Keefe ECG

  4. Alex Shinn

    Alex Shinn

    Fantastic source for ECG review. Good for all levels of training! I especially like how easy it is to review the explanations on the different morphologies that present themselves on ECG. The interface is very professional and easy to use. Would highly recommend!

    O'Keefe ECGO’Keefe ECG

  5. Roopesh Sai Jakulla

    Roopesh Sai Jakulla

    This website is a fantastic resource for learning ECGs. I got to know about this website from CV fellows at my hospital, and I feel this is a great learning tool for all IM and EM residents. The EKGs on the website are of high definition, which allows for clear image quality even when zooming in. The option to solve random ECGs or review the classic cases step-by-step makes this very unique. I am looking forward to more exciting updates on the websites.

    O'Keefe ECGO’Keefe ECG