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24 reviews for O’Keefe ECG

  1. Ata Bajwa

    This is a great resource for ECG learning in general and boards preparation in general. ECGs on this website are accompanied by fine details that I would normally tend to miss during routine interpretation. Software is cardiovascular board certification exam oriented and user friendly. Would highly recommend this website to anybody who is wanting to learn ECGs or preparing for boards.

  2. Travis Gratton

    Okeefeecg.com has been a fantastic tool when studying for my upcoming Cardiology boards. Learning how to code ECGs has always been stressful for me, but practicing them online with immediate feedback has really helped me feel more prepared. I would strongly recommend for anyone taking Cardiology boards or anyone who just loves reading ECGs!

  3. Jason D’Souza

    Okeefeecg.com is an excellent learning tool. It has a variety of case-based ECGs which are not only relevant for the boards, but are also important for clinical practice. The learning platform is very user friendly and helps you gain confidence in coding ECGs for the boards. I strongly recommend it not only for fellows but also for residents and attendings in practice who wish to master the art of interpreting ECGs !

  4. Noel T

    Okeefe ECG is an excellent resource to excel on the ECG section of the boards as well as to be a competent ECG reader.

  5. Dany Jacob

    As a former fellow who have taken the boards, the ECG part is what scared me the most. I have used most resources (ECG source, ECG books etc). O’Keefe ECG is designed to help understand the definitions of ECG criteria, the nuances of coding and common pitfalls, all created in an easy to use interface. This is an excellent resource for cardiology fellows taking the boards or learning how to read ECGs. One of the feature I really liked is the detailed explanation of each of the criteria along with an ECG example of that criteria on the score sheet. Overall, I highly recommend O’Keefe ECG in preparing for the boards!

  6. Yevgeniy Khariton

    Yevgeniy Khariton

    There are (currently) many online resources to choose from, when deliberating on the most ideal study method for the ECG component of the CV Disease Boards. Dr. O’Keefe’s ECG assessment platform outshines all others – both in the meticulous style by which all ECG criteria are succinctly summarized but (also) by means of the diversity of the cases presented to the viewer. As a trainee, I have found this resource the most ideal for rapid-pace studying and am confident that this will provide me with the greatest potential to excel on the upcoming board examination. I would strongly encourage all CV Disease fellows as well as re-certifying health providers to sample this site.

  7. Brett Sperry

    Brett Sperry

    Excellent source of high yield ECGs for the boards. User friendly interface and representative of what to expect on test day. Explanations not only guide you as to the correct answer choices, but put it in clinical context. When I used ECGsource, it had some inaccurate information and issues with overcoding that became confusing. This is clear and accurate and a nice supplement to the O’Keefe ECG book.

  8. Dwarak Soundarraj

    Dwarak Soundarraj

    I have used Dr.O’keefe’s ECG book to prepare for my cardiology boards in 2007. As a general cardiologist and forever student, I found the online version to be very helpful in identifying and correcting gaps in my knowledge. The ECGs are carefully curated not only to help clear the examination but also to provide a foundational learning experience for the cardiovascular practitioner.

  9. Krishna Patel

    Dr. O’Keefe’s ECG website was extremely helpful in my preparation for the ECG section of my general cardiology boards. The interface is simple, very intuitive to navigate with a systematic explanation of all main and supporting diagnoses codes. After completion of all the ECGs, I felt very confident and comfortable about acing the ECG section for the boards. I believe this website will also be very helpful for everyone from residents to fellows and even faculty for daily clinical practice. I highly recommend this ECG course.

  10. Jessica Sturgess

    Jessica Sturgess

    O’Keefe ECG is an excellent educational tool. It provides more background information on ECGs and teaching than other web-based ECG tools that I tried during my cardiology fellowship, and more ECGs to test yourself with. It would be beneficial for just about any stage of learning, from third or fourth year medical students interested in cardiology all the way up to fellows studying for general cardiology boards (which is what I used it for). The interface is easy to use and allows for hands on practice with the score sheet that is used on general cardiology boards. I would definitely recommend it!

  11. Lori Wilson

    Lori Wilson (store manager)

    Dear Dr. O’Keeffe,

    Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant cardiology fellow from Baylor University Medical Center and will be pursuing Interventional cardiology at Boston University this July onwards.
    I attended your ECG talks on zoom last year when I was preparing for Cardiology boards. You also answered my queries prior to exam via email. I passed my boards.

    Yours talks and the ECG website is outstanding and is a great reference for all the cardiologists. It is a great resource for practice prior to ABIM Boards.

    Venugopal B. Bhattad, MD

  12. Abhay Mishra

    Abhay Mishra

    The Okeefeecg.com is an outstanding learning tool. It has a variety of cases and provides background information from basic to advanced EKG concepts. The available resources are extremely helpful not only for cardiology fellows but also for Internal medicine residents.
    I had the privilege to directly work on EKGs with Dr. O’Keefe, one of the best cardiologists and most humble person I have ever seen. I learned enormously by both working on this online tool and being with him, clarifying my doubts. I felt great to make a minuscule contribution on a few of the EKGs after learning from the tool itself.
    I strongly believe that the appropriate practice of this online tool would make any novice decipher any ECG and become an expert in EKG interpretation.

  13. Anu Singh

    Anu Singh (store manager)

    Dr. O’Keefe’s ECG course is an excellent course. It is a very innovative, intuitive, and interactive way of learning ECGs. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It has helped me immensely during my clinical training. I believe it is a useful tool for even internal medicine residents and faculty. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is involved in clinical practice and care of the patients.

  14. Evan Leonard

    Evan Leonard

    It’s really the only option for studying EKGs. There’s multiple EKGs for every dx, and the reads are way more thorough and reliable as compared to ecgsource.
    The links in the explanations were a nice touch.

  15. Mitchell Fagan

    Mitchell Fagan

    Okeefe ECG is an excellent source that has helped me perfect my ECG reading skills. I’ve been told many times that the best way to learn ECGs is repeated exposure. This site offers exactly that with detailed explanations. As a medical student, the nuanced discussion of the various ECG abnormalities and rhythms has made me more comfortable reading ECGs on rounds. This is a great resource for anyone who wants interactive feedback integrated into their learning! 

  16. Ali Naveed

    Ali Naveed

    O’Keefe ECG is a wonderful resource for studying and understanding EKG. It is a complete package and I have applied the knowledge I learned from this resource during my night rotations as an intern. Highly recommended for residents.

  17. Preetham Gunta

    Preetham Gunta

    Okeefe ECG is a great online learning tool for ECGs. I have come across other ECG resources but this one is unique and better because of its interactive nature. The scoring system not only solidified fundamental ECG concepts but also familiarized me with the format of cardiology boards. After using this resource, I feel much more comfortable in commenting on ECGs in my everyday practice. Apart from cardiology fellows, I would recommend this resource to residents who have a special interest in cardiology.

  18. Yasser Sammour

    Yasser Sammour

    Excellent online resource for trainees with over 300 practice ECGs. Works perfectly in tandem with the complete guide to ECGs book by Dr. O’keefe. Highly recommended for fellows and residents interested in Cardiovascular Medicine.

  19. Roopesh Sai Jakulla

    Roopesh Sai Jakulla

    This website is a fantastic resource for learning ECGs. I got to know about this website from CV fellows at my hospital, and I feel this is a great learning tool for all IM and EM residents. The EKGs on the website are of high definition, which allows for clear image quality even when zooming in. The option to solve random ECGs or review the classic cases step-by-step makes this very unique. I am looking forward to more exciting updates on the websites.

  20. Alex Shinn

    Alex Shinn

    Fantastic source for ECG review. Good for all levels of training! I especially like how easy it is to review the explanations on the different morphologies that present themselves on ECG. The interface is very professional and easy to use. Would highly recommend!

  21. Abat Khan

    Abat Khan

    excellent source of learning EKGs. being interactive makes it easy and more interesting. Also having brief explanation of the EKG findings in the clinical context and diagnosis. would highly recommend as an excellent source of learning EKG

  22. Stefanie Vamenta

    Stefanie Vamenta

    Great resource for the cardiology boards with extensive explanations, a variety of examples, and a user-friendly interface. Thank you, Dr. O’keefe!

  23. Laura Drew-Bear

    Laura Drew-Bear

    O’Keefe ECG has been a great resource for me throughout my training. It does a wonderful job of testing residents’ and fellows’ knowledge of interpreting ECGs using real-life patient examples for a more realistic immersion, complemented by clear and concise explanations. This website is an invaluable resource for all residents. Thank you, Dr. O’Keefe!

  24. David Kerling

    David Kerling

    I may be missing it but I think this site would benefit from a user feedback for each EKG, for example one of your MAT EKG explanations has a patient meeting LVH criteria by S wave in V3 but answer reads S wave is lead III. Little typos that I think the user can provide direct feedback on so the website is better.

    • Lori Wilson

      Lori Wilson (store manager)

      we are actually working on this added feature now.

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