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Although cardiologists and many other physicians need to master ECG interpretation, teaching this fundamental skill is often not a priority in training programs. This is problematic for many reasons, including the fact that ECG interpretation tends to be over-represented on the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Cardiovascular Disease Certifying Exam (CV Boards).

O’Keefe ECG is a new on-line interactive question bank designed to help you excel on ECG portion of the CV Boards. If you are diligent about using these study materials, the ECG section can be one of the easiest portions of the CV Boards to master.

This program provides access to 245 unknown ECGs, with more cases being added on a regular basis. Each of the ECGs is selected for its teaching value, with relevant features that help you to understand and correctly use the ECG scoresheet for the CV Boards.

When I was studying for my CV Boards back in 1986, I realized that the ECG section of the exam could be made much less daunting by coming up with a consensus definition for each one of the diagnoses on the ECG scoresheet, and then using these criteria to practice score a variety of ECGs. The “i” icon following each of the 89 diagnoses on the O’Keefe ECG scoresheet is an active link to a detailed definition of that diagnosis, with one or more example images. This quick access to the diagnostic criteria, along with immediate feedback about your performance, provide an unparalleled learning experience to rapidly develop the expertise needed to ace the ECG section of the Cardiology Boards.

I have first-authored The Complete Guide to ECGs, which for decades has been a standard teaching tool for Cardiovascular Fellowship training programs everywhere. We have continued to refine and improve this approach, and now O’Keefe ECG is available in an on-line format that makes the process faster, easier, and more interactive. Importantly, the tracings in O’Keefe ECG are entirely different from ECGs used in any of the 4 editions of The Complete Guide to ECGs. Thus, these two resources—O’Keefe ECG and Complete Guide to ECGs—are complementary to each other.

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CV Fellowship Training Program Subscription

Institutional Subscription: A CV Training Program subscription to O’Keefe ECG allows all of your CV Fellows (Trainees) unlimited access to the most instructive and up-to-date study guide to prepare for the ECG section of the CV Boards. For just $100 per Fellow per year you can enhance the ECG interpretation skills and improve CV Boards performance for all CV Fellows in your program.

  • $100 per fellow (trainee). This is a 1-year renewable subscription.

1-year Institution Pre-Approved Training Program Subscription


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Master ECG Instructor Subscription

Instructor Subscription: Grants the subscriber the right to use O'Keefe ECG as a teaching tool for in-person and/or online classes.

  • $250. This is a 1-year renewable subscription.

Master ECG Instructor Subscription


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