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O'Keefe ECG & CV Board Review Subscriptions

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O’Keefe ECG is a time-tested, go-to online resource for cardiology fellows studying for the Cardiovascular Disease Certification Exam (CV Boards), which is a test that lasts 1.5 days. Day 1 of CV Boards is devoted to multiple-choice questions, which are administered in four 2-hour sessions. Day 2 is a half-day devoted to interpretation of CV studies: one 2-hour session is for reading ECGs, and a second session, 2 hours and 15 minutes long, is for reading echocardiograms (echos), and angiograms (angios).

Our website has traditionally focused exclusively on ECGs. Our 400 ECGs are classic examples depicting the 89 diagnoses on the ECG Scoresheet of the CV Boards. The scoring for each of these ECGs has been thoroughly discussed and vetted by 3 cardiology-experts.

The new O’Keefe ECG & CV Board Review is a dramatically updated and expanded version designed to more completely prepare you for the CV Boards. The QBank is a growing collection of questions in vignette form, that simulates the material you will be expected to know for Day 1 of CV Boards. The QBank multiple-choice questions and explanations for the correct and incorrect answers are primarily based on American College of Cardiology (ACC) and American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines, where they are relevant.

Scoresheets are now also used on CV Boards for testing the interpretation of echos and angios. Therefore, we have created separate modules on our website that are devoted to testing / teaching the accurate scoring of echos and angios using scoresheets. Like the ECG module, these new question types are based on unknown echos and angios of various CV diseases / conditions that are likely to appear on the CV Board Exam.

O’Keefe ECG & CV Board Review is a unique and comprehensive study-guide that will enable the user to master the material required to excel on the CV Disease Certification Exam. Becoming familiar with ECG, echo and angio scoresheets and getting comfortable scoring unknown studies are essential to passing the CV Boards. Our website is also a powerful teaching tool for markedly improving one’s fund of knowledge and clinical expertise in the practice of Cardiology.

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CV Fellowship Training Program Subscription

Institutional Subscription:

A CV Training Program subscription to O’Keefe ECG & CV Board Review allows all of your CV Fellows (Trainees) unlimited access to the most instructive and up-to-date CV Boards prep materials, and helps improve CV Boards performance for all CV Fellows in your program.

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This is a 1-year renewable subscription.

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Master ECG Instructor Subscription

Instructor Subscription: Grants the subscriber the right to use O'Keefe ECG & CV Board Review as a teaching tool for in-person and/or online classes.

This is a 1-year renewable subscription.

$250.00 / year

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